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CIRCE :: Self - illuminated paintings


Greek Goddess. She was skilled in the magic of metamorphosis and the power of illusion

CIRCE series are paintings with double effect (day and / or night view) illuminated with a specific fluorescent light source. The structures are framed with plexi glass.

The light source in combination with special colors surprises the viewer and provides the illusion of depth and three-dimensional image. They also give the impression of many light sources while the light source is only one.

The advantage of this project is the effect when the light source is turned on which is different when it is turned off. Therefore the structure succeeds every time to describe a story at the audience, playing with light and dark, visible and invisible, and the power of light. So, during the day it appears as a painting and during the night it transforms into a light fixture with totally different  background.

The aim is through one illusion to illuminate two sides of the same truth and make clearer the multidimensional personality of each image and reality. 

Each one of structures is unique because it is hand-painted and it’s created only once.

*Patent awarded - "Lighting construction" 1999 
 (Combination of black light and fluorescent colors)

  THALASSA ::  day view  (light source turned off)
THALASSA ::  night view ( light source turned on)

SWAN ::  day view  (light source turned off)
SWAN ::  night view  (light source turned on)
  FIRE  ::  day view  (light source turned off)
       FIRE  ::  night view  (light source turned on)

NYX  ::  day view  (light source turned off)
NYX  ::  night view  (light source turned on)

NATURA ALLEGRA  ::  day view  (light source turned off)

NATURA ALLEGRA  ::  day view  (light source turned off)

NATURA ALLEGRA  ::  night view  (light source turned on)

Προσθήκη λεζάντας

Nasia Avramidou is an Architect that lives and works in Thessaloniki - Greece. She’s been painting over last 20 years.Since 2002 she creates alternative realities, both indoors and outdoors and the color transforms into light when the night comes...